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Alpha-Teen Dailyfoods

Size:90 tablets


Formulated to promote health of teens 13 to 18 years old*

Formerly Alpha DailyFoods

Higher potency of calcium, vitamin D and K to support healthy development of bones and teeth*

  • 100% Whole Food nutrients
  • Protective array of carotenoids and age-defying antioxidants from colorful whole foods
  • Enriched with enzymes to enhance digestive health*
  • Easy to digest & can be taken on an empty stomach without upset
  • Herb-free formula

Alpha-Teen DailyFoods® is the perfect beginning for everyone, providing 100% Cold Fusion FoodState® nutrients. Cold Fusion FoodState® nutrients have the inherent benefits of Vital Food Factors®, known as Nutrient Chaperones. Nutrient Chaperones contain the plant intelligence necessary for all nutrient delivery and utilization. These nutrients have Food Chaperones, which facilitate utilization and reduce the potential for side-effects. Alpha-Teen DailyFoods® is comprehensive 100% FOOD nutrition for the entire family.

Suggested Use: 3 tablets daily. May be taken anytime throughout the day, even on an empty stomach.