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Women's One Daily


New & Improved Formula!

Organic Herbs & Foods

Women's One Daily DailyFoods is all about natural balance. Challenges associated with fluctuating hormones can include mood swings, abdominal cramps and general fatigue. We considered how to address these challenges when crafting this formula. In addition to the healthy ratio of 100% whole food vitamins and minerals, Women's One Daily DailyFoods contains certified organic whole herbs which have traditionally been used to safely and gently support well-being and energy levels through a woman's monthly cycle.*

For over 35 years, MegaFood has produced nourishing whole food supplements with the highest quality ingredients. We constantly review the latest nutritional science research and consult with our medical advisors to make sure our formulas are up to date and provide optimal nutritional benefit. Given today’s hectic lifestyles and nutritionally compromised diets, MegaFood carefully considered how to improve the Women's One Daily DailyFoods formula to ensure our customers receive all the vital nutrition they need in a convenient one a day formula.

Key Formula Improvements:

  • Vitamin D increased to 400 IU
  • Folate increased to 800 mcg to fulfill daily requirements
  • Vitamin A replaced with mixed carotenoids from Cold Fusion FoodState carrot concentrate
  • Certified organic herbs to support whole body and immune health
  • New cellulose coating for the vegetarian formula

Our ColdFusion FoodState Concentrates are made from farm fresh foods and Saccharomyces cerevisiae to provide 100% whole food nutrients with naturally occurring enzymes, CoQ10, SOD, glutathione, phenolic antioxidants, amino acids, beta glucans and more, As Nature Intended.

Suggested Use: 1 tablet daily. May be taken anytime, even on an empty stomach.
Tested to be Free of: Herbicides, Pesticides, Soy, Dairy, Corn, Gluten