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Brain Pep


Proprietary Ginkgo blend energizes mental performance.

Quickly sharpens your focus.
Ginkgo Biloba - Popular herbal extract for memory proven effective in numerous clinical studies. Ginkgo improves glucose uptake as well as blood flow to the brain so more oxygen and other nutrients reach brain cells.
Kola Nut - Traditional energizer from Western Africa that is used in many soft drinks. Contains a small amount of naturally-occurring caffeine. Enhances mental energy and concentration.
Gotu Kola - Used in Ayurvedic medicine in India for centuries to enhance mental power and longevity. Also known as a blood purifier.
Eleuthero - Widely known as an adaptogen, this Siberian herb promotes mental and physical balance, while enhancing alertness and perception.
Schizandra - Chinese herb also known as an adaptogen and rejuvenator that brightens the mind.
L-Glutamine - Amino acid that fuels the brain and supports mental clarity.