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DHEA Super Hormone for Men



DHEA, produced by adrenal glands, is your body's most abundant naturally occuring hormone. On demand, it can convert to the hormone most vital to men. Studies suggest that DHEA begins to decline from age 25 and continues to diminish throughout your lifetime. By replacing your body's natural DHEA levels you help support your immune system, improve your mental focus, maintain yor ideal weight and, most importantly, improve your stamina. DHEA Super Hormone for Men not only provides your body with the essential DHEA it needs to function optimally, it contains other herbs that can enhance your endurance, performance adn pleasure. The combination of Korean GInseng, Epimedium (also known as horny Goat Weed), Muira Puama (also known as potency Wood), yohimbe, Cataba and Guarana, Powerful herbs from around the world traditionally used to energize the male drive.