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Cold Front



Certified Gluten Free

The highest quality Gluten-Free Vitamins on the market are made by Pioneer Nutritional. Pioneer Nutritional supplements are well-tolerated by most allergic individuals because they're free from yeast, dairy, wheat, eggs, synthetic preservatives, flavorings and colorings, and are designed to work together - safely, effectively - to build a complete daily nutritional program.

Professional strength Cold Front provides meaningful levels of researched ingredients. Elderberry, Andrographis & Monolaurin join forces with Olive Leaf, Astragalus, Ginger & Propolis PLUS important antioxidants—vitamins A & C and zinc—to help provide nutritive support during the cold weather season.

The healthcare professionals at PIONEER believe in a holistic approach to health - body, mind and spirit. Eating a natural diet based on whole foods, engaging in daily vigorous exercise, obtaining sufficient rest and cultivating a joyful heart all help to support health and well-being throughout the year. As seasonal changes in temperature, humidity and daily activities (i.e. degree of sedentariness, amount of time spent in/out of doors) challenge our bodies to
adapt, a thoughtful selection of nutritional supplements and herbs may help to further support our natural, innate defense systems and overall resistance and vitality.