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Kids 0-9 Teething

Size:25 ml


Indications: This solution natural origin helps relieve the irritability and indisposition caused by teething: fever, pain, diarrhea, restlessness. Documentation Babies begin to cut their first teeth around 6 months of age. With every new tooth that comes, the signs remain the same: baby salivates abundantly and put his fingers and everything else in his mouth. He is restless, irritable and eve agitated. Therapeutic Indications of the Components: Chamomilla: Chamomile is an excellent teething remedy. Arnica Montana: Leopard's bane is a widely used natural product for pain in adults and children. Borax: Sodium borate is recommended for diarrhea associated with teething. Hypericum Perforatum: Saint John's Wort soothes gum pain.