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Cough and Cold Relief Fruit

Size:100 ml


Fast Acting. Effective Relief that Helps:

  • Relieve Dry Cough
  • Relieve Chest Congestion
  • Thin and Loosen Mucus
  • Suppress Cough
  • Relieve Pain and Reduce Fever
  • Safe- No Side Effects, No drug Interaction
  • Alcohol Free, Dye Free, Sugar Free
  • Great Tasting Fruit Flavor
  • Homeopathic Medicine




You were looking for a homeopathic cough syrup for your child? You found it! Homeocan's Kids Phytux H Syrup is made from plants, which make it surprisingly potent. As you probably guessed by now, since it contains no antihistaminic ingredient it will not make your child drowsy.


Therapeutic Indications:


Drosera Rotundifolia: Relieves coughs, dry spasmodic cough, night cough, cough with retching, whooping-cough, cough with expectoration.


Arnica Montana: Recommended for dry, short cough and rattling in the chest, could also be accompanied with vomiting


Bryonia Alba: Calms cough and rattling in the chest, acute bronchitis, cough without expectoration, cough with expectoration.

Ipeca: Relief from cough especially at night, dry cough, cough with rattling in the chest.


Cetraria Islandica: Indicated in the treatment of bronchitis, cough and laryngeal irritation.

Belladonna: Relieves the common cold accompanied by a cough and acute bronchial disorder.


Coccus Cacti: Relieves coughing fits with stringy mucus and spasmodic coughing fits with difficulty, bringing up abundant thick and stringy mucus.


Corallium Rubrum: Calms spasmodic cough and whooping-cough, and common colds.


Stannum: Relieves fatigue with great weakness in the chest, colds with weakness in the chest, cavernous cough and irritation of the coval cord mucosa.