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Clif Shot Energy Gel


Clif Bar Shot Energy Gel Chocolate is a fast-acting, easy-to-digest source of carbohydrates your body's preferred source of fuel during activity. SHOT Gel's semi-liquid form shines when you're working hard and need to fuel up between breaths. Clif Bar Chocolate Flavored Energy Gel Shot provides motivation, fast. Because you can't drop by a cafe mid-race.

The Natural Performance Enhancer
We love to play outside, run, and ride our bikes. As athletes, we care about creating performance products that only work, but are also made with organic ingredients. Clif Shot energy gels acts fast while training and racing. It's the same great gel you've been using, only now it's made with organic ingredients. That means it's good for your body and good for the planet.

Shot Energy Gel
CLIF has completely revamped their Energy Gel. You'll discover their upgraded formula, thinner consistency, and sleeker package w/Litter Leash and of course, all with great taste.

CLIF SHOT takes a streamlined approach to performance nutrition - delivering only what your body needs most while training and racing. Their all-natural and organic ingredients help provide clean and natural performance for essential energy and hydration, plus fast muscle recovery.

Clif Energy Gel:

  • Provides Quick Energy During Activing
  • Thinner Consistency
  • Essential Electrolytes

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is CLIF SHOT Energy Gel?
CLIF SHOT Energy Gel is an all-natural and organic easily-digested source of carbohydrates and electrolytes for athletes during activity. It is the only energy gel made with 90 percent organic ingredients giving athletes essential natural nutrition for performance.

Why should I choose CLIF SHOT Energy Gel?
CLIF has fewer ingredients than other brands - but more of what your body needs most for clean natural energy. The streamlined approach gives you a performance advantage with a fast-acting energy source from organic maltodextrin and organic evaporated cane juice and with more essential electrolytes.

Who needs CLIF SHOT Energy Gel?
CLIF SHOT Energy Gel is primarily used by endurance athletes - cyclists, runners, mountain bikers, triathletes and adventure racers. However, any performance-oriented athlete needing a quick burst of energy can benefit from CLIF SHOT Energy Gel.

How do you eat CLIF SHOT Energy Gel?
Generally, endurance athletes need to consume 200-400 calories per hour from all sources, such as gels, chewables, bars and drinks. CLIF recommends 1-3 gels per hour to help support your needs.

What flavors of CLIF SHOT Energy Gel are available?
Athletes and foodies in the CLIF Kitchen created six base flavors: new Citrus (25mg caffeine), plus Razz, Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry (25mg caffeine), Mocha (50mg caffeine) and two TURBO flavors in Double Espresso (100mg caffeine) and Chocolate Cherry (100mg caffeine) that contain the highest level of caffeine of any gel. The flavors are made with organic fruit and chocolate - tasting like delicious real food, not a science project.

Why do some CLIF SHOT Energy Gels have caffeine?
Caffeine is a safe, legal, and effective performance-enhancing ingredient. CLIF uses all-natural green tea extract as their caffeine ingredient of choice to help with motivation, mental alertness and the burning of body fat as fuel. CLIF SHOT Energy Gel offers more caffeine options (three levels - 25, 50, 100mg) and the most caffeine of any gel (100mg) so that you can customize your caffeine consumption. We also offer three flavors with no caffeine as an option.

Does CLIF SHOT Energy Gel contain electrolytes?
CLIF SHOT Energy Gel contains the optimal amount of added sodium and potassium to replace what you lose in your sweat. No other gel has more of both sodium and potassium. Taking in these additional electrolytes will support proper muscle function during activity.

Why don't you add amino acids or vitamins to CLIF SHOT Energy Gel?
The primary purpose of CLIF SHOT Energy Gel is to deliver essential energy and electrolytes for performance. While vitamins and amino acids are critical to daily well being, studies continually show that there is no performance benefit to consuming these nutrients during activity.

Does CLIF SHOT Energy Gel contain protein?
Well-designed studies have not been able to prove that consumption of protein during activity has any performance benefits beyond consuming adequate carbohydrates. Furthermore, consuming protein during activity may actually hurt performance by displacing carbohydrates, slowing carbohydrate digestion and causing digestive distress.

What's better about CLIF Shot Energy Gels packaging design?
CLIF SHOT is the only energy gel with the Litter Leash. Its patented design allows the tear tab to stay attached to the bottom of the packet after use. This design was adopted after seeing so many gel tabs littering the roads and trails. The Litter Leash makes the process of opening, eating, and disposing of a gel significantly easier than any other gel.

The new package is more streamlined with a smaller opening and rounded corners making it easier for athletes to carry and use. The new design dispenses the gel easily and the new recipe helps it go down quickly.

Is CLIF SHOT Energy Gel vegetarian?
CLIF SHOT Energy Gel contains no animal-based ingredients so it is vegan-friendly.