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RejuviCare Hair & Nail Formula

Size:30 capsule


Your hair and nails are the first areas to show signs of nutritional imbalance. Weak, brittle nails, lifeless, dry, thinning hair can be signs of nutritional deficiency or imbalance. Kardashian RejuviCare Hair á& Nail Formula with advanced collagen/gelatin complex provides vital amino acids and protein pre-cursors for strong, vibrant, healthy hairs and nails! Kardashian RejuviCare Hair á& Nail provide essential vitamins including Biotin, Zinc, Panthenol and collagen precursors to help build strong hair and nails. Kardashian RejuviCare Hair & Nails Formula is formulated with antioxidants and pro-circulatory factors, this advanced formula helps protect and reinforce the vital collagen structure grown in the hair follicles and nail bed. Essential sulfur compounds are shown to help strengthen hair and nails, which are often not present in most adult diets, have been added to fortify this formula. Helps support vibrant hair and healthy nails Supplies vital protein building blocks Contains essential sulfur amino acids and compounds for hair and nail growth.

Kardashian RejuviCare Hair & Nail Formula Highlights:

  • Helps Support Vibrant Hair & Healthy Nails.
  • Supplies Vital Protein Building Blocks.
  • Contains Essential Sulfur Amino Acids & Compunds for Hair & Nail Growth.

"My sisters and I love to look and feel fabulous, that's why we use RejuviCare. Spas and salons are okay, but once we discovered RejuviCare and realized that lasting beauty comes from within; we were hooked! I think you'll agree after trying RejuviCare." -- Koutney Kardashian

About RejuviCare
RejuviCare anti-aging beauty supplements are designed to work where the aging process begins - on the inside. Advanced technologies are incorporated in the development of these unique supplements that are designed to restore, revive and beautify from the inside out. State-of-the-art hydration, nutrigenomics antioxidant cellular support and nutritional fortification all help fight off the signs of aging by reinforcing the body's natural defenses against the causes of accelerated aging.