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Bombilla Strainer Straw For Loose Tea

Size:1 piece


Why should you use a Bombilla Strainer Straw for your yerbamate or other herbs?

Tradition. Centuries ago the Guarani Indians of Paraguay received bombillas from the Incas in exchange for sharing their knowledge if herbal medicine. The bombilla was an important technological advance at the time and artists made many beautiful ones with silver, gold and precious jewels.

Health Benefits. The bombilla acts as a natural extractor, delivering more of the healing benefits of your herbal preparation because the herbs continue to steep while you drink and the sucking action causes more of the nutrients to be absorbed directly through the lining in the mouth and are assimilated immediately into the bloodstream.

Economics. With the Bombilla Strainer Straw you save money by purchasing loose tea instead of more expensive tea bags. The Wisdom of The Ancients Bombilla Strainer Straw is a good investment that will last for many years.

Pleasure. There are few finer pleasures in the tea experience than enjoying Wisdom of the Ancients YerbaMate or YerbaMate Royale with Stevia through a Bombilla Strainer Straw. Drink with a friend and share the Wisdom!

Directions: Simply prepare herbal tea, place the Bombilla Straw into the herbs collected at the bottom of the mug and sip. Do not stir herbs. The bombilla strainer straw is made from stainless steel platted brass.