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Kyolic Blood Sugar Balance

Size:100 capsule


Kyolic Blood Sugar Balance is a synergistic combination of Aged Garlic Extract, made from organic garlic, Salacia, Bitter Melon, Chromium Picolinate, and Niacin. Its unique combination of ingredients naturally supports healthy blood sugar balance and weight control, as well as cardiovascular and immune health, for overall well-being. Take each day to in conjunction with a healthy diet, regular exercise and plenty of rest for a safe and natural approach to promote optimal blood sugar balance, healthy weight management and overall cardiovascular and immune function. Kyolic Blood Sugar Balance is free of sodium, yeast, dairy, preservatives, sugar, gluten, artificial colors and flavors.

What Is Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract?

Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract is truly the only odorless garlic supplement in the market. The production of Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract begins with garlic grown on Wakunaga farms under strictly controlled organic conditions without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. Wakunaga's garlic crop is cultivated with time-tested procedures to enhance its beneficial constituents. Quality control begins when the harvested raw garlic is tested for conformity to specified quality standards. Only the finest garlic is used for the production of Kyolic. The unique aging process applied in garlic products available on the market, First, the garlic gloves are clean and sliced. Then, under carefully controlled conditions, the sliced garlic is stored in an aqueous ethanol solution in stainless steel tanks and naturally aged, without heating, for up to 20 months. Through this unique process, the harsh tanks and naturally aged, without heating, for up to 20 months. Through this unique process, the harsh and unstable organosulfur compounds are converted into mild and effective compounds including sulfur-containing amino acids (e.g., S-allycysteine, S-allylmercaptocysteine) and other Maillard reaction compounds that are responsible for Kyolic's health benefits. This conversation eliminates odor-causing components, resulting in an odorless Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract that contains safe, stable, bioavailable and beneficial compounds, Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract is manufactured and quality controlled under International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Aged Garlic Extract also complies with the specifications established in the US Pharmacopeia/National Formulary (USP/NF) monograph. Aged Garlic Extract, and its various constituents, have been the subject of over 650 scientific publications around the world including Japan, the United States, South America and Europe since its development in 1955.


  • Organically grown garlic
  • Odorless
  • Natural
  • Quality Control under ISO 9001 and GMP
  • Safe with No Contraindications
  • Multiple Health Benefits
  • Scientifically Supported (650+ publications)


Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract supports overall heart health, maintains normal cholesterol and blood pressure levels, circulation, immune function and overall well-being.