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Swedish Bitters


Swedish Bitter Capsules are a daily tonic for overall health and well-being that will improve digestive health. They supplement the bitter food group in our diet and act as a vitalizing, invigorating aid with a soothing and energizing effect.

Many individuals suffer from digestive problems, irregularity of bowel movements, and bloating.  Pronatura Swedish Bitters benefits your digestive system so the liver can continue producing fluid for normal digestion.  The liver will also emit toxins that are harmful to your body that come into your system through chemical residues and artificial ingredients found in foods even if they are more natural.  The cleansing of the body with Swedish bitter allows you to feel normal and energized again.  Swedish bitters ingredients include several natural herbs that are safe and gentle for your body's system.  Swedish bitter uses include cleansing your system, increase in regular bowel movements, digestive improvement and soothes your body.  Many people do not like the bitter taste from Swedish Bitters Liquid extract, therefore Pronatura has developed a capsule supplement to still give you all the benefits of swedish bitters without the bitterness.  Start taking Swedish Bitter herbs daily to improve your overall health and well-being.

Take up to 3 capsules daily, preferably after meals.

About Pronatura

Pronatura represents the highest quality innovative European herbal and homeopathic products. Additionally, Pronatura Inc. has established the exclusive right to export all of the Nature Works products, as Swedish Bitters Liquid, Swedish Bitters Capsules, Swedish Herbs, Swedish Bitters Cream, Marigold Cream, Chest Rub, Flu & Cold Times, Body Essentials Silica Gel and Silica Capsules. Pronatura also offers 9 fine, assorted German Herbal Soaps, both liquid and bars, in many scents including Marigold, Lavender, Rose, etc., 18 different single, beneficial herb teas mentioned in Marie Treben Book Health Through God's Pharmacy, and 6 herbal tinctures, such as Dandelion, Greater Celandine, Sheperds Purse, Stinging Nettle, Wood Sorrel and Yarrow Tinctures.