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Soy Blend Candles



If you're looking for a vegan friendly hollow candle that doesn't use beeswax or paraffin, then you'll love Wally's Ear Company Hollow Soy Candles. Wally's Hollow Soy Blend Candles use only the finest blend of natural soy wax and unbleached cotton muslin so you can feel good about using a candle that's good for you and gentle on the environment.

Over the last 20 years, Wallys Ear Company has built a reputation of making safe and effective high-quality multi-purpose candles. Each hollow candle comes with a distinct pinkered edge along the top to make it easy for lighting and has a unique safety tip to help prevent dripping wax. Plus, all Wallys Candles are made in the USA by skilled candle makers in a solar-powered facility in Northern California and are packaged in certified sustainable boxes.