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Fathom Ski and Snowboard Goggles

Color:Shiny White
Style:Vermillon Gun Lens


Fathom's Aurora polarized lens with a polarized film that blocks the horizontal reflected component of light. The result is enhanced contrast so you will see more terrain features and icy patches. Fits Small - Medium faces.

About Bolle

Bolle delivers the highest quality sunglasses and goggles for performance, protection and fashion.

In your eyes, nature is the most beautiful of all fields of expression

Sport is more than the pursuit of physical sensations: it is also being at one with the most beautiful landscapes, the most legendary places... An invitation to extend personal boundaries and find harmony.

A snow covered run in the Alps, lit to shimmering orange by the coming dawn, inviting the most wonderful awakenings as you ski. The fir tree forests of Yosemite with the sun's rays distilling along pristine singletrack as your mountain bike descends through shards of light. Beads of dew on the fairways of Scottish links, inviting a celebration of your best swing ever. All these international fields of play have become mythical because they combine wonderful views, unique experiences and continously shifting challenges. Your favorite sport is also a pleasure for your eyes, an asset that you must protect.

In your eyes, sport is the most expressive of intimate emotions

Playing sports is choosing a different way to live, redefining limits, testing adversaries, seeking victory. Above all, it's moving and breathing, an awakening for all your senses. Sport is about aspiring to a unique form of freedom and finding harmony with your body to trigger a rare emotion, a feeling that you're really living.

Whether you cycle, ski, surf, run or sail, whether you're an amateur, whether you play regularly, whether you're a committed sportsman or an experienced professional, the main thing is to achieve a kind of victory for your mind and body. The reward is improving your personal best and touching your deepest emotions.

To get the most of your passion, the right equipment is essential. Amongst the gear that contributes to improving the performance of athletes by increasing their confidence and precision, eyewear stands out, because of its ability to improve so many facets of so many different sports.

Above all protective, both against the sun's rays and airborne debris, Bolle eyewear delivers both the technological asset of better vision and improved ergonomics, qualities necessary for success. Your favorite sport is a demanding discipline, an art to be cultivated.