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Green T 4,000

Size:60 tablets


Discovered over 4,000 years ago by a legendary Chinese Emperor, green tea has modern significance.*

Green T 4,000 is an exclusive green tea extract containing 98% polyphenols, a green tea component with antioxidant properties.

Numerous laboratory studies involving cell cultures and animals have shown that polyphenol compounds in tea, especially green tea, are powerful antioxidants with cancer fighting properties and cholesterol balancing capabilities.

Test tube studies have also concluded that certain polyphenols can inhibit the growth of colon and breast cancer cells without affecting similar cells that are not cancerous.

Additional research demonstrates that green tea guards against cardiovascular disease in many ways. Green tea can lower total cholesterol levels and improve the cholesterol profile (the ratio of LDL to HDL), reduce platelet aggregation, and lower blood pressure.

The polyphenols in green tea have also been shown to stimulate immune system cells, and also have anti-bacterial properties -- even the bacteria that causes dental plaque.