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Makala Waterman Ukulele

Color:Aqua Blue


The Waterman Ukulele pays homage in part to the legendary ukulele designer, Mario Maccaferri. Inspired at the 1939 World' Fair, he saw plastic as the material of the future. Mario eventually combined his skills as a luthier and his business of injection molding and invented the Maccaferi Ukulele. After being endorsed by entertainer, Arthur Godfrey, on his TV show, 9 million of the Maccaferri ukes were sold between 1949 and 1969.

KALA Ukulele has been inspired by the 1950' Maccaferri ukulele and created a new uke with a focus on the outdoor enthusiast. The Waterman is a ukulele for everyone but pays special tribute to people that live the waterman, outdoor lifestyle. Made out of a high-grade polycarbonate construction, this super-affordable ukelele that you can take anywhere as it's durable and water-resistant. Best of all, if you're left-handed, these models can be easily changed to be left-handed.