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Shark Liver Oil

Size:60 capsules


Alkylglycerol Extract of Shark Liver Oil

  • Shark Liver Oil 1000 mg with Alkylglycerols 200 mg
  • Alkylglycerols – A Major Ingredient in Mother's Milk
  • Stimulants to the Immune System, Aerobic Athletic Performance & Virility

Alkylglycerols are a natural substance made in the human liver. There are 10 times more Alkylglycerols in human mothers' milk than in cow's milk. Alkylglycerols are a growth stimulant to the cells in the bone marrow (the bone-marrow stem cells), that make both white blood cells & red blood cells, as well as blood platelets. Because Alkylglycerols stimulate red blood cell production, necessary in carrying oxygen to the tissues, Alkylglycerols have been used by aerobic athletes who need to convey oxygen to the tissues. Since red blood cells contribute to virility, Alkylglycerols are also an aphrodisiac.

The Alkylglycerol extract of shark liver oil has been used as a dietary supplement for 50 years in Sweden, Germany & Korea with some patients who are about to undergo radiation or chemotherapy because Alkylglycerols will significantly stimulate white blood cell production which radiation and chemotherapy depress. This is 20% active ingredient material.

Suggested Use: For health maintenance and as a preventative, the recommended serving of Alkylglycerols is 200 mg per day (1 capsule daily). The recommended therapeutic serving in adults is 600 to 1200 mg per day (1 to 3 capsules three times daily).