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Probiotic Restoration Plus

Size:2 oz


16 Strains of probiotics (Nano-Potentiated) to maximize the positive effects of taking probiotics and to help the body regulate and maintain a healthy balance of microorganisms.

9 Bowel Nosodes (Nano-Potentiated) to eliminate the toxic microorganisms that accumulate within the intestines.

24 Homeopathic ingredients to correct a broad spectrum of lower GI issues:

  • helps activate the body's ability to improve general health
  • helps improve digestive functions
  • helps improve intestinal immunity
  • relieves abdominal irritability
  • relieves gas
  • bloating and rumbling in the bowels
  • relieves cramps and nausea
  • relieves toxicity
  • diarrhea and constipation
  • relieves food that lies undigested
  • helps the body's ability to regulate and maintain a healthy balance of good