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Essential Oxygen


The Daily Living Oxygen Supplement – No matter what your age!

Oxygen nourishes cells, enhances alertness and increases energy and stamina!

What makes Aquagen's® oxygen supplement products unique? What separates Aquagen's® oxygen products from other products that claim to be liquid oxygen based products?

Aquagen's® proprietary oxygen supplement products are:

  • All Natural
  • pH Balanced
  • Non-Toxic
  • Convenient and Easy to Use
  • Can Be Used Directly On Skin

Aquagen's® proprietary oxygen supplement products:

  • Help your body use vitamins, minerals and other nutrients more completely
  • Support your body's immune system
  • Acts as a powerful bactericide, viricide and fungicide
  • Improve your energy, endurance, vitality and alertness

Oxygen is essential to life! Oxygen is critical to literally everyone's health. Without a continuous supply of oxygen, the cells in our bodies simply cannot function properly. Dietary nutrients require oxygen to convert their potential energy into usable energy and oxygen must be present for our immune systems to resist illness and eliminate toxins. As stress, anxiety, environmental pollutants and dietary deficiencies become more a part of modern life, they also rob the body of valuable oxygen. All of Aquagen's® liquid oxygen supplements are safe, reliable and a convenient source for the extra oxygen your body needs. With the highest level of stabilized oxygen in supplement form, the suite of Aquagen® liquid stabilized oxygen products are a simple, cost effective way to help improve your energy and endurance.