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Cold Season Tea Sampler


Warm up with Cold Season Sampler:

Echinacea Immune Support - Three varieties of echinacea give a full range of herbal immune system support. Astragalus and organic mullein aid respiratory function.* This tasty tea is sure to become a seasonal favorite!

Cold Season - Our all organic blend of ginger and other herbs supports nasal and bronchial function, while eucalyptus aids free breathing.* During cold season, relax with a steaming cup of this warming tea.

Breathe Deep - Need help clearing the airways? Sip a cup of our soothing organic tea with thyme, eucalyptus and other herbs that support the mucous membranes.* Experience the benefits with each warming cup.

Throat Comfort - Soothe your throat with this flavorful organic tea. Herbal favorites slippery elm bark and mullein help relieve minor irritation.* Naturally gentle, both children and adults can enjoy this tea!