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Lacrosse Balls


Swaga Lacrosse Balls are reliable and field tested; all Swaga Lacrosse Balls are NOCSAE Approved and stamped “Meets NOCSAE Standards”.  Approved to be used for games, Swaga Lacrosse Balls are also perfect for practice and training.  The bag of six includes 2 red, 2 yellow and 2 white balls – the most visible of all colors for play. In addition, white balls are used for men’s lacrosse and yellow for women’s.
Lacrosse balls are multi-purpose. They’re inexpensive toys for dogs, and ideal for massage therapy. With lacrosse being one of the fastest growing sports in America, be sure your choice of ball to play and score your next goal with is Swaga Lacrosse Balls.
  • Each bag includes 2 of each color
  • Stamped on ball: Meets NOCSAE Standards
  • First quality balls
  • For games, practice and training
  • Not just for lacrosse!
  • Can be Fido’s toy ball
  • Great for massaging trigger points and muscle knots
  • Works wonders for back pain and back massage
  • Long lasting